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Danny Movie Review & Rating

A badly written and lazily presented an investigative thriller with a misleading title. If you have nothing to do and have lavish time on your hands, then give it a try at your own risk. If not, just avoid it.

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This Tamil film, which is now streaming on Zee5, is titled “Danny,” which is the name of the police dog. But sadly and surprisingly, Danny, the labrador, has nothing to do other than just accompanying the police force when they go out for their investigation surrounding a series of murders. Yes, there is an opening sequence when Danny is introduced to us in a stylish manner, which gave us a glimmer of hope that fades sooner than later.

A murder happens, which is followed by another. Police are clueless, and the one area where the murderer leaves something for the help of the police is in the similarity and peculiar style of crime. Inspector Kunthavai is given the charge of the investigation, and the film shows us how she cracks this case.

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The Varalaxmi starrer suffer due to poor screenplay and bad execution. It is pretty evident that the makers haven’t done any sort of homework on how the investigation is to be presented. And talking about the investigation, less said the better. For namesake, there is an enquiry happening which does not get any prominence and it looks too silly on how the case is resolved. Everything looked so easy and at times little funny as the leads to the murderer and clues starts appearing from nowhere.

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar as the police officer couldn’t do anything to save the film which had a badly written character for her. And none of the supporting actors have any relevance nor could they make any sort of impact including the antagonist.

Danny is streaming on Zee5. Watch the trailer here;

Danny Official Trailer

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