About Us

Movieflickz.com is the final destination for movie enthusiasts. Movie Flickz was founded as an entertainment website focusing on exclusive film content.

Movie Flickz team is mainly focusing on bringing you the up to date film updates like movie news, reviews, trailers, teasers, and video songs, interviews, upcoming movie release dates, and more.

We offer a fresh perspective on the most buzz-worthy and provocative topics of the day and provide tools to jump-start conversations with entertainment-obsessed users. The web application also works in sync with several social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Mix, Instagram, etc.) to maximize online exposure.

All of our team that writes the magazine and produces Movieflickz.com online deliver the publication as well. By going out and about, we get to meet so many different companies and are privileged to see for ourselves the fantastic businesses we have all over the county.